Joyus Health 

UX Designer @ Hubnest


Joyous Health is a healthy lifestyle platform founded by holistic nutritionist and published author, Joy McCarthy. The site is a treasure trove of content, consists of a recipe library, a wellness blog, online programs, an online shop and more.

I am involved in this project from conception to deployment—working alongside another designer and engineers to understand how Joy can best connect with her audience. My tasks include:

︎user personas
︎task flows
︎site map

︎interface design
︎design delivery
︎design QA

Since this project is a relaunch of an existing site, the client has come to us with a defined brand, audience and vision.

We created a series of personas based on different user goals and browsing behaviour, detailing from when they first discovered the site to goal accomplished.


︎ Business Bobbi is interested in contacting Joyous Health for consultation and media appearance. How do we give Bobbi confidence to hire Joyous Health and help her find relevant information?

Mapping the flow of different personas helps us identify point of decisions and deviations. We want to help Joyous Health visitors find content that is relevant to them using first-party data.

We explored different modes of discovery and filtering against the task flows to curate content base on user interest, history, dietary preferences, geographic, and time of day. Understanding that many Joyous Health users are accessing the site through mobile platforms, the site is designed to be responsive on desktop, tablets and mobile. Animations and navigations are modified to reduce clutter on mobile and accomodate for easy tap targets.

With an entirely new backend, we collaborated closely with the client on the user experience and interface to ensure easy maintenance and update on the client side as well. The focus on data and personalization is just the starting point, pathing the way for the Joyus Health team to continuously improve their site experience and content using data and user feedback