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Jocelyn Cheung
Based in Toronto

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Jocelyn works end-to-end in the product development cycle. Whether you are looking to discover new business opportunities, improve an existing product or bring an idea to life from scratch, Jocelyn has the tools to push your project to the next phase.


Project North Star

Team Collaboration Manual

Stakeholder Workshop


Competitive Comparative Analysis

User Experience Audit

*Based on Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles of interaction design

Basic Accessibility Audit

*Based on WCAG2 A and AA guidelines


Journey Mapping

An in-person or remote activity designed to map out the life cycle of a user segment interacting with the product or the company.

Value Proposition Canvas

A framework created by Strategyzer to identify the needs, barriers and desires of your users, thus inspiring new ideas that provide them value (desirable and functional to them).

Foresight Gallery

An interactive gallery featuring research insights of recent domain innovations and industry trends, paired with propositions to new products and features.

Wild Combinations


An activity designed by Connected and Civic Tech Toronto using a predefined set of user, scenario and technology cards to come up with novel ideas.

UX Storyboarding  

A beginner-friendly workshop designed to supercharge a team’s storytelling capabilities. Focus on outputting storyboards that can be used towards inspiration and presentations.

Concept Testing  

An in-person or remote session with a series of customized activities designed to validate assumptions and test out new ideas with actual users or potential customers.
Persona x Scenario


Crazy 8
Empathy Map

Mad Lips

Affinity Mapping
How Might We Statements

Creative Matrix

User Interviews


Impact / Effort Prioritization Matrix

Usability Testing

Product Roadmap

Design Systems

Backlog Generation

Design Documentation