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Jocelyn Cheung
Based in Taipei

NDA Protected

The nature of my work at Connected is confidential. Below is a ︎sample delivery project and the methods commonly used in my practice.

1.0 Onboarding

1.1 Project Kickoff

An in-person or remote meeting with project stakeholders to align on the project north star, activities (See Connected Playbook︎︎︎), gather resources, setup tools and establish collaboration cadences. 

1.2 Context Gathering

Understanding the background of the project by reviewing existing project collaterals and speaking with practitioners.

2.0 Sprint Planning

2.1  Product Roadmap

Building a roadmap of the product base on customer research and business initiatives.

2.2 Backlog Generation

Working with project stakeholders, engineers, product manager and designers to identify workstreams and tasks base on the roadmap.

2.3 Story Writing

Organizing and outlining engineering and design requirements for workstreams and tasks. (See Atlassian’s model︎︎︎)

2.4 Iteration Planning

Meeting once a week to gain alignment and assign tasks base on roadmap and resourcing before start of sprint.

3.0 Design Sprints

3.1 Research

Leverage existing channels to rapidly gain an understanding of the assigned tasks. Creating basic task and screen flows using Miro︎︎︎ or︎︎︎.

3.2 Design

Collaborate with engineers to design and create low and or high fidelity mockups using prototyping tools such as Sketch︎︎︎ and Invision︎︎︎. Focus on accessible and inclusive design. (See my learnings on the subject︎)

3.3 Design Review & Critique

Organizing 1:1 or group design reviews with stakeholders, actual customers or peers to get feedback.

3.4 Design Documentation

Produce design specifications for engineers using tools like Zeplin︎︎︎, Confluence︎︎︎, Google Wiki or Invision. Focus on building atomic design systems︎︎︎.

Design review and quality assurance across different devices.

4.0 Launch

4.1 Demonstration

Demonstrating sprint work weekly to project stakeholders, provide insights to implementation, rollout and capturing feedback.

4.2 Release

Design quality assurance throughout the design sprint cycle and prior release using a delivery checklist. Working with project managers to ensure releases are successful across platforms.

4.3 Updates

Uncovering opportunities in customer desirability, market viability, technical feasibility and product usability in future releases. (See Hypothesis-Driven Validation︎︎︎)

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