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Jocelyn Cheung
Based in Toronto

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Beyond Task Completion: Scaling Delivery Collaboration for Impact

Products are complex, epic problems. Solving them can get messy, and no process in the world can prevent the unexpected. Good collaboration provides team flexibility and resilience to overcome hurdles...Read︎︎︎

From Decolonization to Dolls for All

Representation is at the root of cross-pollination. When we fail to acknowledge the unique contributions of different lived experiences, it is us as a society that is missing out on chances of affirmation and growth...Read︎︎︎

Little Green Guide: The Kind and Curious Mindset

Before your acquire something, think about how you will use it to its full potential and responsibly dispose of (or better yet, compost). If you do not have a way to get rid of it responsibly, look for...Read︎︎︎