Jocelyn CheungSenior Product Designer

VTubers Collaborative Live Stream

This project explores opportunities in live streaming. My role involves user research, market research, user experience design, product roadmapping, feature design, and interface design.
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ROLEUser Research, UX Strategy, UX Design

STATUSBeta launched in <3 months, subscriptions roll out 2023

Playground trailer via Twitter @playground_gg

Bettering People's Experiences in Virtual Spaces

Live streaming is a rapidly growing digital space. Catalyzed by COVID and people’s desire to connect, Avatech saw an opportunity to enrich moments and reduce friction in virtual-physical integration. My objectives for the team involved:

① Evolving existing technology into a launchable product
② Establish roadmap for a viable product
③ Incorporate people and product metrics in design

People using virutal avatars in livestreaming. The avatar is set against a background.

Early Demo Prior My Joining

Before I joined, the team built a demo that allows viewers to interact with Twitch live streams. Upon review, the demo had a few issues:

  1. Latency Issues: Live interaction has little tolerance for latency. Video lag can render interactive features usable to the audience.

  2. Streaming Behaviour: The behaviour of livestreaming viewers varies greatly across categories. Viewers alternate between passive and active watching throughout the stream. 

  3. Tooling: Streamers and viewers juggle multiple streaming tools. For a tool to be adopted, it must have clear value propositions and integrate with their setup.

Early Playground demo via Twitter @playground_gg

Re-establishing Our Understanding

After reviewing the state of the project, I advised the team to re-establish understanding of our users and market before investing further in the technology. The goal of the project is ultimately to create a livestreaming product people want to use.

We reviewed old interview data and interviewed new users. With a focus on “Just Chatting” type streams, we identified a niche segment of streamers, also known as VTubers.

Example of a virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI

A Complex Ecosystem

The nature of a VTuber stream requires complex coordination. In helping the team understand this complex ecosystem, I created a software ecosystem map. Due to its grassroots culture, VTubers has limited options in tooling and often stitch different tools together to realize their streams.

A map I created to explain relationships between different VTuber tools.

Rapid Experimentations

In creating a product VTubers want to use, I rapidly experimented with existing tools and collaborated with the team to simulate different product experiences. The team timeboxed effort and reviewed concept potentials together. I guided team members on concept development and supported decisions with research insights.

My attempt at creating a personal avatar

Test where we participated in a zoom call with motion-enabled avatars. via Twitter @playground_gg

Filling the Gap

As our concepts matured, we tested demos in rapid rolling sessions. I guided the team in designing tests and analyzing feedback.

The tests unearthed potential in filling the gap in VTuber collaboration. We decided to continue its development, with an early UI that captured our core features.

Model loading in Playground via Twitter @playground_gg

Features Galore

With support from our Discord community, I helped the team ideate and prioritize features. The roadmap was built upon user activities and journey, ensuring what we built aligns with our users’ interest.

As the engineers develop the functionality of the feature, I collaborated with them on the interface and graphics, ensuring a unified visual story. Metrics such as adoption, engagement were monitored with each sprint iteration.

Some features developed in sprints include: Password-Protected Room, Layer Panel, Custom Scene, Effects Panel, and more.

Early roadmap I created highlighting core features, user activities, journey, and future releases.

Playground reorder layer and sync feature via Twitter @playground_gg

Game board style interface used by multiple VTubers in a stream session. These boards can be customized.

Playground room with features ranging from staging setting, layers management, overlay effects, OBS integration, and more.

Playground and the VTuber Community

We launched the product in 2022 and received encouraging feedback from the community. With a growing Discord community, we are humbled to be supported by enthusiastic testers, whose feedback inspire new features after the initial launch. Playground has since released subscription program from this initial beta.


Blending systems thinking and team processes to deliver products used by markets vast and niche. Worked at Connected (Thoughtworks) and Labfront.

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